Refugee Poem

I am learning to write for an audience, My challenge that I have for writing is to add some more similes and metaphors  to my poems.

🏝 Refugee Poem🏝

People running & screaming everywhere

My mind as blank as paper  

I can hear things getting blown up 

Mum is yelling at me to grab my bag

So I grabbed my coat, jacket, water bottle plus a few snacks, 

Then I ran as fast as I could go 

I stopped every once in a while 

Mum is close behind me 

She is telling me to wait 

So I decide slow down a bit and she catches up 

I tell her that she should be a lot more faster

That she should be as fast as a cheetah 

But then she tells me that shes pacing her self so she can run faster if someone is shooting arrogantly at us or something

When we reach the beach I am puffed 

We try to make a raft with the materials so we can get to the Island on the horizon

I kinda looks like it’s floating like a beached whale

I asked mum what happened to dad she said that she did not know what happened  to him

All I remember is when he left for work

When the raft was finished we grabbed a couple of super strong leafs and used them a oars

As soon as i remember there were shark in the water i realised that it was a bad decision to do this 

So I asked mum if we could turn around  

But she just said that there was no going back 

our country it is to dangerous

A few hours later the sea is the devil 

The sky became as dark as a demon’s shadowy eyes

Everything was lost but we still had hope to find that island and make a new life for us.

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