Lake Daniells tramp

I am learning to write different types of recounts. This poem is about my Lake Daniells trip for our William pike.


It was a long treacherous walk to the sitzfleisch

I, and my crew had lots to talk about

We sang with our native feathered friends… 

Our shoes weathered


As time passed we made it to our destination

I heard the vibration of my cleats on the deck

One look inside and I knew we were in  for a treat 


We headed down to the loch 

The lake floor 

Was rocky against my feet


We scared the mystic Karmi

With the slimiest offshoots 

Ducking under the harbor


We flinged the slingiest slingshots 

To see who was the Robin Hood of the crew


We had our meals 

And went down to see the eels


We went for an evening walk 

We shared scary stories of people being stalked

We enjoyed the stories it was fun 

Until it came time for them to be undone

We were told that there’s a man 

That goes through our packs


We were oh so scared 

That we headed back to hut


Morning arose 

And. we. went. back. home.

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