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Mission: Brothers and Brides

WALT write our own version of a story based on a video prompt

                   Mission: Brother’s & Bride’s

Chapter I – Mission 1. 

Tom Trueheart had felt lots of things before this, but this unknown feeling was unlike any other.

Tom felt like someone poured a bucket of cold, sad water on him. He was so worried about his brother Alaver Alaster and his brother’s bride Esmeralda Elvenia. After their disappearance he couldn’t bear thinking about them. ‘I know they’re somewhere in this world, and if not I could feel it.’ Tom said to himself. 

Looking around, Tom didn’t really know what to do, he had that feeling you get when you know the answer to something but you can’t figure it out. Tom sighed a heavy sigh. It’s getting dark. I need to find shelter, Tom thought. About half an hour later Tom found an old tree trunk that was conveniently hollowed out. Tom, being the size of a thumb, felt like a mansion except it was VERY grotty and there were fungi everywhere (not very fancy fungi either) but at least it gave off a bit of light. He settled down and went to sleep. He dreamed of his brothers in all their glory celebrating that night when they defeated the Ogre King Johnny Jingle.

When Tom woke up there was a magical aura around him. Wondering what was happening he sat up immediately and what he saw was HORRIFYING. There were three Goat-rabbit-horse things looming over him. They were 7cm tall! Tom had heard things about these creatures eating humans and monsters, so he wasn’t sure what to do… wait, unless…

Tom could start a fire, set them on fire, AAAAND then put the fire out before he got EATEN. Nah that would never work, ‘WHAT DO YOU WANT?’ he shouted out instead.

“We’re not actually sure what we want,” the first Gobbitorse said in usion. ‘You really don’t know what you want?’ Tom asked them all nodded ‘Well then I best be on my way then’ as Tom started to head off one of them called ‘Wait we know what we want now Tom’ 

‘Oh… uh and what might that be?. And how do you know my name?.’ Tom said, hating that his voice sounded so weak and fragile. ‘ We want YOU.’ Then they started chasing after him. Tom ran as fast as he could dodging giant Deer feet. 

After a while he looked behind him and there was no sign of them now. He could see smoke in the distance but he could not run any further he started to walk instead, not so long after he came to a clearing in the middle there was a small cottage. It was forever changing colour and shape so Tom tried to focus on one then it came to a stop. Tom walked up to the door and knocked. ‘Hello.’ A wary voice inside called Tom opened the door. Inside was a little plump lady, she had long blonde hair and a silky white dress on everything inside was like the outside. Forever changing, Tom tried to focus on it but it would not stop. ‘Tom’ the lady cried her eyes filled with tears ‘It is thy Esmeralda, you need to leave now before she gets you’ 

‘Before who gets me?’ Tom asked

‘The monster she transformed me into this lady!.’ said Esmeralda, ‘Okay, uh Where’s Alvar?’ Tom said confused,  

‘I… I do not know thy captured us and then brung us here and Alvar, they took him somewhere’

‘Did you see where?.’ Tom asked

‘No I did not’

Then they heard  thud Thud THUD 

‘Run, Tom, Run!’ 

‘But-’ someone cut him off. ‘Where’s Alvar’ he finished whispering to himself 


‘NO Miss no one was at the door thy wind just blew it open’

‘You mustn’t talk that way’ the lady said,

‘Why?’ Esmeralda asked 

‘Because we don’t say “thy” and “thou” those are old words now.’ 

‘WHY IS ENGLISH SO COMPLICATED!?’ Esmeralda shouted at her, now Tom was hiding behind the house peeking through a window, ‘Oh my gods’ Tom gasped 

Tom realised who he was up against, ‘Arachne!’ He whispered. She looked just as his mates back home had described the body of a spider but the chest and head of a human.

Tom waited until it was night time. He crept back around the house, looking around, SCORE! An open window. He climbed through, gosh it was dark in there, he was in the middle of a hallway there was light seeping under one ‘that must be it’ Tom thought, as he crept over he heard laughing, and the floor was a tiny bit creaky, so he stopped put his hand on his hip trying to figure how he was going to do this. he felt something and looked down Tyrfing his dagger was there, all this time he’d forgotten about it. At least he still had it with him if he ever needed to fight let hope that does NOT happen. He grabbed the door handle and twisted it to the left, it opened a little he peeked through he saw Esmeralda, she was talking to someone, but it wasn’t Arachne it was a boy, he had messy but stylish blonde hair, ice blue eyes, and a cheeky smirk, And looked about 14-15? ‘Esme I can’t do that it’s too risky’ he said 

Esmeralda replied ‘i know but it’s the only way you can escape’

‘Yeah but, what about you, you’ll be stuck here and won’t be able to see Alvar’ he said.

‘What if i can help’ tom said, they both got jump scared.

‘Tom! How long have you been standing there’ Esmeralda said 

‘Long enough’ he replied

‘Which is how long?’ the boy said

‘about , when you said that you can’t do it whatever “it” is, and it was too risky.’ he said

‘Not that long then’

‘Yeah uh, anyway what’s your name?’ tom said to the boy 

‘Why would you care?’ 

‘so i don’t have to keep calling you “boy”’

‘okay then, my name is Silas’

‘Last name?’ tom asked

‘there’s no last name’ Silas replied

‘Okay then…’

All of a sudden toms shadow looked like a very tall man 

‘WHO ARE YOU?!’ a voice bellowed. 

‘Who wants to know?’ said Tom 

‘I want to know that’s who’ the voice replied

‘And who are you?’ tom asked 

‘I am Anthony Romero the seventy hundredth’

‘Never knew that there could be so many “Anthony’s”’ tom said

‘Yes well it’s quite a popular name these days’

‘Yes, yes it is.’ tom said mostly to himself

‘All right, uh anyway WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE IN MY HOUSE THIS LATE A NIGHT?’ Anthony asked Tom

‘I’m just here to rescue my brothers bride and seems this other person too’


‘Why not?’

‘Because I have to EAT YOU for brekkie in a few hours’

Sure enough the sun was coming up, tom didn’t have much time before the great tragedy that is said to DESTROY the world in a matter of days

‘How about you go find some other people that aren’t getting married and don’t still have a life to live.’

‘Why would I do that when I just eat you fellas and THEN go find other kids?’

‘Because other kids might taste WAYYY better than us.’ 

‘Okay but i did notice that the last time i ate someone like you guys he WAS THE BEST MEAL I’VE EVER HAD’ 

‘Did you get his name? Before you ate him by chance?’ tom asked 

‘I think it was something like “Avery” or “Alvar” can’t remember 

By now Esmeralda was on the break of tears

‘Its okay sis you’ll find another great man’ said Silas

‘But he won’t be the same as Alvar’

‘Well there’s all ways tom you could marry’

‘Uuuuuuuhh, no thanks’ said Tom

‘Yeah nah, not to be rude but i don’t want to marry you Tom’ Esmeralda said. ‘

‘Any way i’d better eat you now’ said Anthony



Lake Daniells tramp

I am learning to write different types of recounts. This poem is about my Lake Daniells trip for our William pike.


It was a long treacherous walk to the sitzfleisch

I, and my crew had lots to talk about

We sang with our native feathered friends… 

Our shoes weathered


As time passed we made it to our destination

I heard the vibration of my cleats on the deck

One look inside and I knew we were in  for a treat 


We headed down to the loch 

The lake floor 

Was rocky against my feet


We scared the mystic Karmi

With the slimiest offshoots 

Ducking under the harbor


We flinged the slingiest slingshots 

To see who was the Robin Hood of the crew


We had our meals 

And went down to see the eels


We went for an evening walk 

We shared scary stories of people being stalked

We enjoyed the stories it was fun 

Until it came time for them to be undone

We were told that there’s a man 

That goes through our packs


We were oh so scared 

That we headed back to hut


Morning arose 

And. we. went. back. home.